Lumpinee Stadium

Lumpinee Boxing Stadium, located in Bangkok, Thailand, is a historic and iconic venue that has played a significant role in the sport of Muay Thai. Established in 1956, Lumpinee Stadium has become one of the most revered and prestigious arenas for Muay Thai competitions, showcasing the skill, agility, and cultural significance of this traditional martial art. The stadium has earned a reputation for hosting intense and thrilling matches that draw both local and international audiences.

The design of Lumpinee Stadium reflects the cultural heritage of Muay Thai, featuring a traditional Thai architectural style. The venue has a unique circular shape with a high roof that provides an intimate and immersive atmosphere for spectators. The stadium is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and amenities, ensuring a comfortable experience for both fighters and fans. The distinctive ambiance of Lumpinee Stadium adds to the overall allure of Muay Thai competitions held within its walls.

Lumpinee Stadium has become a breeding ground for some of the most accomplished and celebrated Muay Thai fighters in the world. The stadium has been a launchpad for the careers of numerous champions, with fighters vying for the opportunity to compete on its renowned stage. The prestige associated with winning a Lumpinee title is unparalleled, making it a dream for aspiring Muay Thai athletes to achieve success within the hallowed ring of Lumpinee Stadium.

Beyond its role as a sports arena, Lumpinee Stadium is a cultural institution that preserves and promotes the rich heritage of Muay Thai. The venue is a symbol of Thailand's dedication to preserving its traditional martial arts and providing a platform for athletes to excel. Lumpinee Stadium stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of Muay Thai, attracting enthusiasts, tourists, and athletes alike who seek to witness the raw power and skill on display in this historic venue.

How to get there?

6 Ram Inthra Rd, Anusawari,
Bang Khen, Bangkok 10220, Thailand

+66 800 459 541

Easiest way to get there:
Situated on Ram Inthra Road in Bangkok's northern district of Bang Khen, Lumpinee Stadium enjoys a convenient location with the closest BTS station, Wat Phra Sri Mahathat, just 1.6 kilometers away. A swift and affordable taxi ride from this station, lasting only five to 10 minutes, typically costs around 60 Thai Baht. This accessibility makes attending events at Lumpinee Stadium easily achievable, providing spectators with a hassle-free journey to witness the excitement of Muay Thai in the heart of Bangkok.


Rajadamnern Stadium

Rajadamnern Stadium, situated in the heart of Bangkok, Thailand, stands as one of the oldest and most prestigious venues for Muay Thai, the traditional martial art of Thailand. Established in 1945, the stadium has a rich history and cultural significance, making it a focal point for both local and international fans of the sport. The stadium's name, "Rajadamnern," translates to "the stadium for the people's heart," emphasizing its central role in the cultural and sporting fabric of Thailand.

The architecture of Rajadamnern Stadium reflects a blend of tradition and modernity. Its design incorporates classical Thai aesthetics, creating an atmosphere that resonates with the heritage of Muay Thai. The stadium's prominent location in Bangkok adds to its allure, making it easily accessible to enthusiasts and tourists eager to witness the intense matches and experience the unique ambiance of this historic venue.

Rajadamnern Stadium has played a pivotal role in shaping the careers of many Muay Thai champions, earning a reputation as a breeding ground for top-tier fighters. The stadium has been the stage for countless memorable bouts, showcasing the skill, technique, and sheer determination of Muay Thai practitioners. Winning a championship title at Rajadamnern is a coveted achievement in the world of Muay Thai, contributing to the stadium's status as a premier institution in the sport.

In addition to its role as a competitive arena, Rajadamnern Stadium serves as a cultural hub for the promotion and preservation of Muay Thai traditions. The venue hosts regular events that attract a diverse audience, fostering a sense of community among fans and participants. Rajadamnern Stadium stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of Muay Thai, embodying the cultural significance and sporting excellence that define this ancient martial art in the vibrant tapestry of Thai heritage.

How to get there?

8 Ratchadamnoen Nok Rd,
Pom Prap Sattru Phai, Bangkok 10100, Thailand

+66 2 281 4205

Easiest way to get there:
To reach Rajadamnern Stadium from Ratchathewi Station or Victory Monument Station in Bangkok, take a taxi directly to the stadium. The short ride should take approximately 15 to 20 minutes, depending on traffic. Inform the taxi driver of your destination, Rajadamnern Stadium, and be prepared for a reasonable fare. This straightforward route ensures a quick and efficient journey for those looking to experience Muay Thai at the historic venue.